Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Loss does not follow the rules of minimalism

In the words of Nick Hornby (voiced by the glamorous Catherine Zeta-Jones) I'm in the middle of a "what does it all mean thing."  Perhaps it's the weather (cold and raining) or perhaps its the afterglow of Thanksgiving wearing off.  I think it is probably related to the death of one of our students.  She died of brain trauma, but the trauma was caused by open heart surgery to fix her split aorta.  This stopped me and caused me to spent quite a bit of time thinking.

A child dying stops pretty much anyone in their tracks.  She was eleven maybe twelve.  She was active and feisty.  But above all she was too young.  Then I started thinking about her family.  They had planned on her always being around.  Now those plans, and dreams and things will have to be reevaluated.

I worry about the hurt I'll leave behind when I go.  I am trying very hard to shed extras and leave behind only a few fine things.  I don't want my loved ones mired down in my belongings, but I wouldn't mind if they got mired down in good memories.  Our stuff can take a lifetime to accumulate.  I am hoping it will not take a life time to declutter as well.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Items to keep and Items to go

We have all been caught by a shiny new gadget or sleek new product that promises to fix our lives.  I am an Ikea sucker.  I am not claiming that as entirely a bad thing.  Ikea makes affordable products in attractive styles and easily assembled models.  I will never trade my Ikea bed for box spring and mattress again.  I know this will rile up the minimal means having next to nothing crowd.  I have nothing against those who can weed out all distractions in their lives down to the bare floors.  It has taken a long journey for me to admit I am too much of a princess to do that.

Likewise we have all looked at an item cluttering up our closet and said "why is this still here?  I hate this thing!"  For me I recently opened up the large container of winter gear and removed all but one winter hat.  I only have one head, right?  I can't possibly where more than one hat.  I realized as I dug through the box that most of them were gifts or matched coats/sweaters/outfits long gone.  I have a wonderful hat coming from my very good friend GR and I must make room in my wardrobe for it.  It deserves a spot because it has been lovingly hand made.  While it was not an earth moving event I'm taking baby steps in the right direction.

What items have you carried with you that need to go?  What is an item that will have to be pried from your lifeless hands?  Feel free to share.